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Are you tired of the old fashioned word search interfaces?

Do you want to enjoy a totally new experience of word puzzle game?

★★★ Now, you can download

and play on


! ★★★

Word Cross is a creative crossword puzzle game which can inspire your passion for brain challenges. It includes all the essences of word scramble games to make you feel totally ADDICTIVE & ENTERTAINING.

➤ New & Fresh Look: If you like to play board games and puzzle games, you must love the clean and fresh

UI for your first sight.

➤ Handy & Easy to Play: You can easily swipe the letters to form a specific hidden word. It’s easy to play and fun to master for everyone.

➤ Surprising Bonus: Login everyday and get daily bonus, also, you will get coins after finding out the Extra Words which don't present on the crossword board.

➤ Over 2,000 Exciting Challenges: It starts easy and becomes challenging fast. And you can test your limits of the words you know. More levels are on the go.

➤ 100% Addictive Word Game: You’ll never experience a dull moment for it! Play this crossword puzzle once and you won’t be able to put it down!


- Swipe the letters to line up words to fill up the blanks horizontally and vertically on the board

- Tap the “Shuffle” button to change the order of letters

- Tap "Ask Friends" when you get stuck and get rewards

- Tap the “Hints” button to get clues

- Get more hints with coins by purchasing or watching videos


• Nice & Clean BOARD for you (Stay tuned for customizable themes)

• More than

• Find words with bonus to collect more coins

to play, hard to beat gameplay

for all players

• Suitable for both kids and adults to train word search skills

• No network required and you can enjoy word search at any time

DOWNLOAD now to begin training your brain and become a real master of word search puzzles on BOARDS!


Adakah anda bosan dengan antara muka carian perkataan kuno?

Adakah anda ingin menikmati pengalaman yang sama sekali baru dengan perkataan permainan teka-teki?

★★★ Sekarang, anda boleh memuat turun

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